Jane Milne


For Jane Milne an early introduction to the work of Michelangelo has developed into a lifelong interest in two and three-dimensional arts.

Completing her BA in sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art in 2001, Jane Milne’s practice is multi-faceted. The primary focus is figurative modelling.  In this instance, she works directly from the model, and then discovers the inner life within the form.  This process involves both accurate representation, and in other instances, a personal manipulation and digression from the figure.   Paramount is finding the essence of the figure and material. The figures’ titles hint at the spirit or action of the figure. The work is frequently extended through bronze or fibreglass casts. 

Another facet of Jane’s interest in sculpture can be seen in her wire expressions. Utilizing the words of Paul Klee she takes a line for a walk.  In this instance, the line is wire, and finds its conclusion in figures of dancers and angels – both the ideal subjects to explore and develop focus in movement.

While much of Jane’s sculptural work depends on an objective approach, her paintings take a more abstract path. Seeking harmony within the picture frame, her paintings are reduced to complex layers of colour and texture.

Tangentially her painting and sculpture is complemented by ceramics.  Here she uses decorative processes to produce, plates and containers.  The detail is found through investigations of natural forms or use of templates and linocuts.

Finally, Jane’s practice has a poignantly humorous expression in needlepoint.  Here, using a traditional craft, she extends the sampler’s message to engage the viewer in contemporary issues.  Jane creates twists and homilies on contraception, HIV/AIDS and the menopause.

The practice has many elements, what remains constant is sensitivity, humour, attention to material and a devotion to her art.

Jane Milne has exhibited her work in group exhibitions and recently had a solo show at the Bowman Gallery (www.bowmangallery.co.uk) .

Work may be bought or commissioned from the artist.



Tel: 020 8876 7609

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